Ti Kwabyé Eco Kamp - Dominica

What We Are

Dominica Bee Apiary at Ti Kwabye EcoKamp and Farm

Working in Harmony - In & With Nature

Keeping The Balance

We here at the Eco Kamp are truly blessed to be able to live and work in such an incredible place. Being “eco” or “green” isn’t just having solar panels on the roof, its about making every aspect of life as in-balance with nature as possible. From how we grow our food, how we treat our animal friends and family, and what impact our activities have on our environment, we realize that we have a great responsibility to all of the rest of the life here. While far from perfect, we are trying every day to do better, to make this place happier & healthier, not just for ourselves and our guests, but for All of the life surrounding us. We look forward to your visit with us, and getting a chance to share all of this magic and beauty with you. Learn more below about our life in Dominica and work here at the Eco Kamp.

Practice Makes Perfect

Off The Grid, Efficiently & Comfortably

Power always Flowing

Our energy needs currently (no pun intended) are met by our solar panel array, giving us enough juice to keep the lights on, charge our devices, and power our few appliances. Soon we will integrate our windmill, and eventually a small hydro turbine, giving us even more possibilities going forward…

Water is Life.

We are truly blessed to have a natural spring on the property that flows on all but the driest of days. With river water gravity fed from a waterfall above us as a backup, we always have limitless clean water for drinking, bathing, and all of the needs of our farm. Dominica water is some of the best tasting in the world!

Staying connected while disconnecting.

Our location up in the mountains does provide us with stellar cellular service by both of the islands providers, allowing us to have phone and internet access almost constantly. While we encourage staff and guests to put down their phones and immerse in the experience as much as possible, it nice to be able to keep in touch with the outside world, whether its posting your Dominica snapshots or sharing some of your experiences with friends and family

Farm To Table, a few hundred feet away...

Our Farm.

Veggies Galore.

With 6 Acres of land, much of it flat(ish) we have been slowing and sustainably increasing the footprint of our vegetable gardens. We have had luck with many different crops and varieties and are always trying others to see what else grows well in our little microclimate.

Slowly Building a Food Forest.

The direct hit of Hurricane Maria in September of 2017 wreaked havoc on not just the forest, but on the fruit trees of Dominica as well. Our property was not spared, though some of the existing trees have slowly been coming back. We have made it one of our major priorities to “reforest” much of the cleared land with as wide a variety of fruit trees and edible plants as we can.

Nature’s Pharmyard.

Dominica is home to a variety of wild medicinal plants, many still in use by the locals, especially the Kalinago people. We are fortunate to have many of these plants and herbs growing here on the property and are always trying to find more to complete our outdoor medicine cabinet. From plants that can relieve headaches and settle the stomach to herbs and trees that can help with joint and muscle pain, we always make use of what nature provides.

Our Animal Teammates.

During our time since the passing of Hurricane Maria, we have (often unexpectedly) adopted quite a menagerie of domestic animals. Don’t be surprised to see a rabbit chasing a duck across the yard or a cat having a play fight with a speckled hen… It is all part of the life here at Ti Kwabyé. We are vegetarians up here and the animals know that they are safe and all get along with each other (mostly). They do still have their roles, whether its the dogs as security guards, the cats as pest controllers, the rabbits for organic fertilizer, goats for landscaping, and the chickens and turkeys for eggs.