Hungry? Thirsty?

Eat & Drink.


Rainforest Restaurant.

Here at Ti Kwabyé Eco Kamp we offer our guests delicious and healthy food prepared right here in our company kitchen. Sourcing first from the property and everything else form as local as possible,

Along with coffee and a variety of tea options, you can begin your day with a hearty breakfast made just for you. Our morning meals often include our home raised eggs and locally baked bread, usually accompanied with fruits and homemade juice. There’s also French Toast or Pancakes, and of course always an option for cereal or oatmeal. We will make sure you are full and energized for your day exploring the island…

While most guests are out and bout for lunch, we can certainly accommodate anyone hanging around for the day. Lunch is usually a simpler affair, but along with available snacks and fruits, we won’t let you go hungry.

After a long and hopefully rewarding day out, know that you will be coming home to enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal. Our dinners are “Family Style” where we all eat communally, guests and staff… Meals are Chef’s Choice though we will accommodate dietary restrictions and will cater to requests if the situation allows it easily. Every night of the week is a different meal, and we serve up a variety of dishes, from local and traditional favorites to those inspired by or fused with other ethnicities.


Raised Bar.

Beyond serving up plenty of grub, we also have you covered when it comes to all of your beverage needs. Along with the aforementioned local juice and spring spring water, we have sodas and malts. We also always have an assortment of Beers including Kubuli (Dominica’s Beer), Carib, Mackeson, Guinness, and others. Our bar also has available Red, White, and Rosé Wines, alongside Ginger Wine, an island favorite. Of course we also have some spirits including Rum on hand, plain or spiced, along with a few of our own specially flavored Bush Rums.
Hammock tent rental for camping guests and WorkAway in Dominica.

-Meal Prices-

*Meals are not guaranteed unless ordered at least 24 hours in advance.  Bagged or light lunch available upon request.