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Dominica Farming

Truly Experience Island Life

Our WorkStay Program.

Want a long term stay here at the Eco Kamp?

TI Kwabyé offers workstay positions with a 1-3 month commitment. Longer (and rarely shorter) stays may be considered for special circumstances.

We are focused on being a place of happiness and health, staying environmentally conscience in our methods, and being a place that is welcoming to all and as drama free as possible. While stresses will still arise, we strive for open communication, and honesty to both limit and diffuse any problems.

Why Join?

What You Get.

Free lodging

We will put you up in the bunkhouse if available, and your choice of our tents if not. You could bring your own tent, but we have many different types/sizes so we’ve got you covered – no pun intended. We do have hammock tents as well anytime you’re up for a night in the trees…

Free Days

You’re entitled to at least 2 days a week off to do with as you please. We are as flexible as possible on off days based on your schedule and what activities you’re looking to do. We will help you make the most of your free time with advice, tips, and contacts across Dominica.

You’re Home...

Being part of the team means you are part of the family – You have use of the property facilities (showers, WiFi, washing machine, hammocks, etc)

Pick Up/Drop Off

Whenever possible we would you up from the airport/ferry when you come and also make sure you catch your departure (if you ever decide to leave 🤪) On off days, you’ll have the ability to catch rides to town or around island including tagging along on guest tours when they are okay with company… ​

Discounted Meals

Participating in our WorkStay Program also entitles you to 1/2 Price Meals. You’re responsible for your own special snacks and the deal doesn’t include alcoholic beverages, but we will make sure you get your 3 squares at the best deal around…

If you’d rather cook for yourself that’s certainly an option as well – we have a basic guest kitchen too) You’d have access (responsibly so, with a few restrictions) to the fruits and veggies and eggs on the property if you do end up doing your own thing food wise. Most workstays (and guests) opt for the communal dining, its a great time for meeting new people, having unique conversations, and always includes plenty of  good laughs.

Bring Your Sense of Adventure... and some work Gloves

What You Give.

Ideally, you will put in 5 days of fun and varied work per week.  We take your job preferences (& abilities) into account, with as much flexibility as possible. Our  work days generally starting around 8 and ending around 4. Depending on specific work and tasks, the day can shift a bit earlier or later. We’re as laid back as we can be, just so long as you’re pulling your weight and putting in your time, it will all be great.

Based on Abilities & Interests, your workday would be a combination of (but not limited to) some of the following:


Digging, planting, weeding, harvesting, landscaping.


Feeding, walking, tending, cleaning, playing with: (we currently have
dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, turkeys, ducks, chickens…)


Cleaning, cooking, organizing, building, painting, creating art…
Dominica Workstay EcoKamp


While we are always happy to consider any good hearted, hardworking, WorkStays, we have many projects and tasks that put certain skills in higher demand. 

ability to use Chainsaw, Brushcutter, Machete

Carpentry, Masonry, or other building skills

Gardeners with (or without) green thumbs.

There is always plenty of weeding to do.

Artists and musicians willing to share their talents, both here at the Kamp as well as in the surrounding communities.

We do offer special artist residencies as well – Please email us at for details and availabilities.